‘Real Housewives of Dubai’ Star Caroline Stanbury Celebrates New Surrogacy Law: ‘We Have a Baby Boy on Ice, Genetically Perfect and Ready to Go’ (Exclusive)

The United Arab Emirates’ new laws around surrogacy ‘might change a lot for’ Real Housewife Caroline Stanbury and her husband, Sergio Carrallo

After her adopted home drafted new laws around surrogacy and fertility treatment, Real Housewives of Dubai star Caroline Stanbury is thinking about what the changes could means for the future of her family.

Speaking to The Messenger at BravoCon 2023, Stanbury, 47, called the legislative update “a big thing.”

According to Al Arabiya, the United Arab Emirates has lifted a ban on surrogacy for unmarried, non-Muslim couples. In addition — and more importantly for Stanbury and her husband Sergio Carrallo, 29 — a clause that criminalized the involvement of a third-party woman in the surrogacy process has been eliminated by the UAE.

“We have a baby boy on ice,” Stanbury said. “He’s genetically perfect and ready to go. This might change a lot for us, actually.”

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