Embryo Freezing & Shipping


Step 1. Consents: Applicable consents for carrying out such process are obtained from couples/ individuals who are opting for Embryo Freezing.
Step 2. Medical Screening: Screening for individuals/ couples who have provided genetic material used for embryos is carried out to diagnose diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B & C etc.
Step 3. In Treatment & Freezing: During the process of treatment, the unused embryos are frozen and then stored in tanks of liquid nitrogen. A liquid called a cryo-protectant is added to protect the embryos during freezing

In the standard freezing method, embryos are slowly frozen down to -196 degrees Celsius.

But in ‘Vitrification’is a fast freeze process – the embryo undergoes instantaneous ‘glass-like’ solidification without the damaging formation of ice crystals (which can occur with the standard method of freeze).

One of the above methods are used to freeze the embryos

For how long can the embryos be stored?

The maximum period that frozen embryos can be stored is ten years normally. This can be extended depending on the medical circumstances of the individual/ couple undergoing treatment, her partner and/or a donor if applicable.

General questions to be considered and to be handy before shipping of embryos for embryo freezing and for using such embryos in future.

  • Number of Frozen Embryos?
  • Day for Freezing Embryos? Day 2/3/5
  • Method used for freezing the Embryos? Slow Freezing/ Vitrification
  • Type of leaf/straw used to freeze the Embryos?
  • Number of Embryos per Straw?
  • Marking process on the Straw?
  • Brand of Freezing/ Vitrification media used to Freeze Embryos?
  • Details of, if any Embryo Biopsy has beendone on the Embryos?
  • Images of Embryo’s prior to freezing if available?

Embryo Shipping

The facilities we use for shipping of your Genetic Specimen are well experienced in the process for shipping of human genetic specimen and are world renowned for providing such services. We Coordinate from our end with the clinic where your samples are stored to get the required information that may have an impact on your case and to ensure that your embryos are shipped to us securely without any compromise in quality and under proper circumstances and a protocol to ensure 0% loss of quality of embryos in such process of shipping. This involves transferring of straws containing embryos from storage tanks of the clinic where the embryos were initially stored to that of shipper and from the storage of shipper to storage facility with us.Shipping costs are approximately around US$10000 to US$15000 which is to be paid in advance.These costs are inclusive of Cryogenic-Container Rentals, Shipping Fees, all applicable Taxes and Customs Clearances


We ensure real time coordination with the clinic, logistics partners, and customs so as to ensure that the shipping process is as seamless as possible to ensure highest level of safety and security of the samples to ensure 100% quality maintenance.

Next steps after enrolment:

  • You introduce us to the person concerned at the clinic where your embryos are stored through an email.
  • After you introduce us with the person concerned at the clinic, we coordinate with them and get the desired information required for shipping of embryos and plan in accordance with them to ensure that the process for shipping is seamless and also taking into consideration their preferences.
  • We beforehand send all the paperwork required from the clinic side to ensure that it is ready on the day of visit of cryo-shipper.
  • Then we send our cryo-shipper to the clinic after duly communicating them the time beforehand with a notice of not less than 3 days.
  • We also send all the paperwork required for customs and shipping by us, by the shipper.
  • The reports which include that of blood-work of the individuals whose genetic specimen were used for the creation of embryo and sample analysis of embryo are required to be provided along with the samples by the clinic.
  • Once our shipper is at the clinic where your embryos are stored with the container, the clinic needs to charge the container with vapors of liquid nitrogen, place the samples in it and send it.