Surrogacy Laws In Brazil

A surrogacy law varies from country to country (or) state to state, Brazil is considered as options for surrogacy arrangements and In Brazil, there are no constraints on surrogate parenthood according to law and provide strong protection for the surrogate mother in the law.Surrogacy is legal in Brazil for infertile couples, all surrogacy arrangements in Brazil will have to fulfill with particular requirements, including the overall approvals from the both parties.A many infertile couple has succeeded in Brazil at having a child through surrogacy.

Here the Intended Parents are to be accepted as the legal parents from birth by the advantage of the fact that the surrogate has contracted to give the birth of the child for the appointed Parents. Brazil is one country amongst the few, which recognize the Intended parents as the legal parents.

We have been innovators in the law significant to human reproductive sciences and have aided thousands of infertile couples from all over the world through the good services and laws of surrogacy.

The surrogate should submit all medical checkups and be clinically agreed to carry such pregnancy and the terms of being a surrogate mom.

Here intended parents have been able to acquire legal parenthood of their child.

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