Pre Implantation Genetic Screening & Diagnosis

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening Facilities

Pre-implantation Genetic screening is used to assist the couple who are trying to find out the exact cause for recurrent miscarriages or pregnancy losses. Every parent hopes to have a healthy child, but in few cases genetic disorders impact this process.

KFS Dubai offers you a Pre-implantation Genetic Screening Program which can be included in your infertility treatments that involves comprehensive testing to rule out Chromosomal and genetic disorders.

The Pre-implantation genetic screening is used with an IVF cycle in cases with repeated failures or known history of genetic issues with either of the parents. This test is useful screening method for early detecting chromosomal abnormalities and other chromosomal structural changes.

The Pre-plantation genetic screening is to be carried out prior to implantation of embryo so as to identify genetic defects within embryos that are created through in vitro fertilization.

Through this process even before pregnancy, medical professionals at our affiliated centers, intend to limit the risks of certain disorders from being passed on to the child.

PGS is an attractive option to avoid a risk of having a child affected with a genetic disorder and getting the same checked for prior to implantation.

Process in Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening

Pre-implantation genetic screening is carried out as below:

  • One or two cells are mined from the created Embryo
  • These cells are gauged to determine if the inheritance of a problematic gene is present in the embryo
  • Once the Pre-implantation genetic screening procedure has been completed and it is ascertained that the embryos are free of genetic problems, the embryo is implanted in uterus.
  • Extra embryos that are free of genetic disorders are frozen for later use based on specific requests by Intended Parents, whereas embryos with the problematic gene are destroyed.