Surrogacy Laws In the Netherlands

The popular image of the Netherlands as a liberal bastion doesn’t as at extends to its approach to surrogacy. Altruistic surrogacy is legal within the Netherland, however commercial surrogacy is prohibited. Coming into or making an attempt to enter a surrogacy arrangement will be rebuked with imprisonment. Moreover, though altruistic surrogacy is technically legal, there are only a few hospitals taking in couples and there are extraordinarily strict rules to induce in. This makes plenty of couples ask for their treatments outside the Netherlands.

There has been lots of dialogue concerning the validity of surrogacy contracts in the Netherlands. Such contracts could contain many various types of clauses, starting from female parent agreeing that she’s going to not smoke throughout the physiological condition, to her agreement to abort the kid if serious birth defects are discovered. However, the most clause issues the duty of the female parent to surrender the kid to the authorization parents after the birth.