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Kiran Fertility Services has been one of the pioneers in the field of third party reproduction having had surrogacy programs in Nepal and India in the past and now in Ukraine, Georgia and Colombia.. With years of experience, we are the Surrogacy experts with empathy.

We have successfully helped intended parents from 58 different countries. The entire international team from KFS which comprises of doctors, patient coordinators, Immigration specialists and lawyers can confidently say that the services offered by KFS are highly personalised, result oriented and perhaps the best in the world when it comes to third party assisted reproduction and surrogacy.

KFS has patient coordinators throughout the world ready to give a helping hand to the Intended Parents.

We now offer three state of the art Surrogacy programs in Georgia, Colombia and Ukraine that are personalized and affordable. These programs cater to all the different requests and requirements that the Intended Parents may have. Our services below are backed by our many years of expertise and knowledge in those areas.

Our partner facilities situated in Kiev-ukraine, Tbilisi-Georgia, Bogota-Colombia and hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru in India are equipped with state-of-art facilities according to Global Standards. An enterprising spirit and the ability to discern future trends has been the driving force behind KIC’s remarkable growth story. Our group has scaled new heights with the combined force of innovation, adaption of new technology, the collective skills of our Staff and the highest standards of Integrity and Ethics.

Our facilities are equipped with state of the art IVF Lab, Ultrasound Facility,IVF OT Facility, Ultra-modern Operation Theatre for Oocyte Pick Up & Embryo Transfer& Hysteroscopy,Cryopreservation Room – Equipped with Embryo Freezer and Cryo-Cans for Sperm and Embryo Freezing, Operative Video Laparoscopy Facility, Facility for PCOD Treatment, Endometriosis and Fibroid removal.

Our partner facility Doctors, Case Managers are always available on the phone or email. We through events and community dinners in different location make a personal connect with our existing and new clients to build confidence and ensure their well-being.

You can have a look at few of the babies of our partner facilities here: : https://kiranivfgenetic.com/our-babies

You can find more pictures in the testimonial pages and also on Facebook here: : https://www.facebook.com/Kiraninfertilitycenter/

This is a great way to interact with us, with other intended parents as well as our other happy successful parents. You can also get the latest updates and admire the cute baby pictures posted by the successful parents themselves!

In all our facilities, in our Surrogacy and Infertility Super-Specialty Centre’s. We make sure that the Intending Parents, Egg/ Sperm Donors,Surrogates are given the highest level of Medical care with highly personalized services and attention. Establishing a personal connect and building confidence is central to our values on which we provide our medical services. Our experts are always accessible to counsel you and help you with your queries and problems.

Our patient care philosophy and practices and our values set us apart from other clinics and are one of the most important reasons for our success.

Our partner clinics include few of the most experienced facilities across globe, since inception our partner clinics have helped more than 1,00,000 couples conceive through various forms of treatments for Infertility including 1200 plus for Surrogacy. Our partner clinic in Hyderabad, India is accredited with treating more than 50,00 infertile couples successfully including 800 in International Surrogacy, it has organized various conferences on topics such as causes, treatments, best practices, and patient counselling  in field of Infertility.More than 600 Doctors have been trained by this centre in various Techniques of Infertility.


We understand the emotional strain that you are going through and are committed to providing a caring and supportive environment to help bring your dreams of parenthood to life. Our Non- Medical Staff comprising of Individual Case Managers, Legal Desk, Travel and Accommodation Desk, Chauffer’s, Assistants, Guide’s and Child Nanny’s help you in all your requirements Medical or Non-Medical in the entire period of association with us assuring you a trouble free environment.

Exchange of Information and Expertise with some of the leading Surrogacy and Infertility Centers in the World has helped us maintain a constant flow of information on the recent advances in Treatments, which ultimately helps Intended Parents attending our Facility to avail the latest Technology and Expertise. With our presence in different fields related only to Infertility like Academics and Medical Research, Clinical Trials & Testing, Cryopreservation and Cryo-Vitrification, Shipping of Genetic Specimen, Semen Banking and Training of Doctors, Expertise Consulting in IVF & IUI Lab Installation & Maintenance you can be assured of a world class treatment environment with us . We are also a member of E.S.H.R.E. and A.S.R.M, ISAR  and COGI and our delegates are invited to speak in these forums.

Being infertile does not necessarily mean a couple is sterile, although some patients confuse the two terms. While as many as 15% of people face fertility related issues, meaning they have issues that make conception difficult, only 1% of couples are sterile, meaning that they will never be able to become pregnant using their own gametes or for reasons such as female will not be able to carry pregnancy.

For all our patients, we carry out necessary tests to identify the root cause of infertility related issue&we try to minimize the medical intervention by suggesting lifestyle changes etc. for attempting a natural conception. Only in case to case basis and only for genuine complications medical intervention like medicines, art procedures or Surrogacy is suggested.

With optimum use of technology we provide patients with all necessary Medical and Non-medical updates including Video Scans, Blood Reports over e-mail. All our facilities are connected through Wi-Fi to provide you a seamless communication environment when you are in our partner facilities. Our International Intended Parents are provided with basic and advanced communication devices such as Mobile Phones, Laptop’s if required and based upon availability, Wi-Fi Sticks to help them to communicate to their near and dear ones back in their own country as well as to minimize the hindrance caused in their official work. We have patient coordinators and case managers in more than 5 countries across to help patients in logistics or any other problems faced by them, they are well experienced and have time and again helped many patients, to ensure a smooth journey to parenthood.

We here at KFS through our international I.V.F. and Surrogacy Program try to provide you a Single Window Solution for all your queries in your journey to Parenthood.

At KFS, we provide you the facility to choose the Donor of your choice but Surrogate Mother selection is best left to the doctor. All the reports for surrogate mother and upcoming baby are provided timely to the intended parents and the outcomes are discussed with the intended parents & we send out ultrasound scans, blood reports and video scans to let the intended parents know how the progress of pregnancy is and for them to feel the baby’s growth and to live & feel their journey to parenthood.