KFS DMCC provides an integrated Surrogacy Program to ensure a smooth and streamlined surrogacy process.

Many Intending Parents across the globe are burdened with the emotional and financial trauma that Infertility brings but hesitate to pursue their dream of Parenting a Child in their life due to various reasons, few of them being

  • High costs of Surrogacy/fertility treatment in countries like United States, Canada, Australia,few countries in Europe and many other countries in the world.
  • Complex legalities like only Altruistic Surrogacy being allowed in many European Countries like U.K. &Spain and in certain states of Australia
  • Restrictions on Egg Donation/ Sperm Donation
  • Lack of Legal Know how

For such patients across the globe, we here At KFS DMCC are trying to bring about a change in their life by assisting them to realize their long cherished dream of Parenting. We are trying to bring them closer to their dream by offering Infertility Treatments and Surrogacy Programs in Ukraine, Colombia and  Georgia. Through these programs, it has been our endeavour to pass on the advantages like lower costs, streamlined legal process and pass on the available legal expertise to the intended parents who are opting to travel outside their country to find cheaper or easier ways of achieving their family-building goals.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

In countries like United States, Australia or few countries in Europe, Surrogacy costs range from US$150,000 to US$200,000 or more. However, using a surrogate in Ukraine, costs are approximately US$40,000 to US$70,000. Other than being less expensive, the process Ukraine has fewer legal constraints than in several other countries especially associated to legalities regarding compensation to the Surrogate Mother and her rights over the child born through such arrangements

Surrogates in our centres in Ukraine are not only motivated by the financial rewards of being a Gestational Carrier, but also are counselled in a way that they desire to help people who cannot get pregnant on their own.

Advantages of Surrogacy Programs in & Ukraine:

Country Ukraine
Who can Enrol & How Married Heterosexual Couples with Marriage Certificate Apostilled by Concerned Department or Embassy of respective country of Citizenship

With Certificate from your Doctor to support that you need to undergo Surrogacy Treatment, alternatively we can also provide such a letter.

Time Frame Approximate estimated time for entire process – 10 to 18 months

Waiting time between Embryo Transfers – 4 to 6 weeks

Available Programs Surrogacy Packages with

·       Self Cycle

·       Egg Donor

·       Frozen Embryos

·       Guaranteed Live Birth

Costs( US Dollars) $45,000 to $70,000
Egg donors ·       Caucasian
Other Services ·       Packages With Donor/ Sperm/ Embryo Shipping

·       Pre & Post Birth Legal Help

·       Travel Desk/ Concierge for Accommodation, Travel & Flights

·       Local Facilitator

Visa Requirements Medical Visa Before Commencing The Program

For further details regarding Visa please click on below mentioned link.