The foremost reason for an Intended Parent to choose a particular facility for his treatment is the expertise and reputation of its Medical Team and associated staff of the Hospital. A proper and accurate diagnosis of an ailment is half the job done, experience and a focused approach towards the subject is an essential factor here.

Over this period of more than 40 Years we at Kiran Group have ensured that our focus on Infertility remains intact. In these years we have collaborated with various forums like hospitals, like minded groups, conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies, experts both National and International to gain and garner the latest trends, technology and techniques in field of Infertility Treatments.

Dr Samit Sekhar

M.B.B.S. ,Master’s in Andrology and Men’s Health(Australia)

Dr. Sekhar  is  Executive Director and Embryologist at the Kiran infertility centre and also Director and consulant for KIC – Bengaluru and KIC – Chennai.

He also has a successful IVF and Surrogacy program for overseas patients in Ukraine, Colombia and Georgia.

For Hyderabad he is in charge for the overall functioning of the KIC- Surrogacy program. He takes care of the functioning and the overall maintenance of IVF laboratory and the Hospital Administration and is involved in day to day patient interaction and counselling. Under Dr. Sekhar’s Zeal and Enthusiasm for providing top quality fertility care at highly affordable prices for Indian patients, the KIC IVF and Surrogacy programs in Hyderabad, Bengaluru  have set a bench mark for others to follow.

As you would have noticed our entire team as a unit, deals only with infertility and nothing else, this is what we do all the time, and we can proudly and confidently say-we are good at what we do.

Dr. Phani Madhuri. V

M.D, D.G.O

Chief Consultant Reproductive Medicine/  Medical Director-KIC Bengaluru

Dr. Madhuri has tremendous experience in treating all kinds of Infertility related conditions with super specialisation in Surrogacy. Her forte is in treating cases of repeated miscarriages or implantation failures. She has worked extensively in some of the finest Fertility Centre’s in India and Abroad and is scientifically oriented with a practical approach which is quintessential to produce successful results in the field of assisted reproduction. She is involved with patient counselling, Hystero-laparoscopies, Egg Retrieval,Embryo Transfers and Ante-natal care in our Bengaluru Centre.

Om Prakash

Senior Embryologist

Mr. Om Prakash is an extremely skillful and passionate embryologist.

He strives to always deliver great results by working closely with his fellow team members and Reproductive Medicine Specialists.

His extensive experience involves maintaining human embryo culture lab at international standards. He also has experience working with various techniques related to human IVF lab including IVF, ICSI, Freezing thawing, PGS, PGD, PGT and etc.

P. Raja Embryologist

P. Raja is one of the Embryologists in the country and has successfully handled more than thousand IUI/IVF and ICSI cases in the last 5 years.
His track record in Assisted Reproduction Treatments is second to none and he has successfully handled even the most difficult of cases. He Specialises in delivering results in even the most difficult and complicated cases with conditions such as very poor sperm count and morphology. Emphasis on cases of azoospermia is his forte, He has carried out 200 cases of Egg/Embryo vitrification as-well and has worked for various reputed centers offering ART Treatments in India and abroad.





Dr. Deepak

Msc,Phd in Biotechnology

 Dr. Deepak is a young and dynamic part of Kiran Infertility Center Bengaluru, He is involved in supervising to the lab work and overall administration of the clinic. Dr. Deepak is hardworking and dedicated and has a firm belief in working hard to help infertile couples to ful fill their dreams of having a baby.