Inclusions in Surrogacy Packages

Inclusions in Surrogacy Packages:

  • Psychological-Social-Physical Screening of Surrogate Mother.
  • Expenses including that for Travel Tickets/ Arrangements, Accommodation, Food & Beverages for Surrogate Mother
  • Standard Pre enrolment Medical Check-up’s & Tests, Medical Advice and all Medications for Surrogate Mother & Donor of Genetic Specimen.
  • All other expenses & Compensation for the Surrogate Mother.
  • Multiple Frozen/Thawed Embryo Transfer Procedures.
  • Assisted Hatching – if required in the process will be covered.
  • Delivery/Caesarean section for the surrogate mother.
  • Guidance and Legal help with regards to process involved in documentation involved in Exit-Visa for the new-born at the Foreign Registration Office.
  • Fees including for Medical Consultation, for Admission, Standard Medication all concerning to Surrogacy treatment for a period from Enrolment into the Surrogacy Treatment till Delivery for Surrogate Mother.
  • Double and Triple Marker Tests to rule out Chromosomal Disorders and Neural Tube Defects.
  • Foreign Exchange & Concierge to take care of Local Needs and Sightseeing.
  • Arranging the Surrogacy Agreement between all parties concerned.
  • Guidance and Legal help with regards to process involved in documentation involved in obtaining of Passport with respective mission (Consulate or Embassy).

The package is designed in such a way that includes everything from A to Z with regards to Surrogate Mother keeping in view prenatal health of the prospective new-born.


  • Embryo Shipping Charges
  • Multiple Pregnancies (Twins or Triplets)
  • Selective Foetal Reduction – (only applicable in cases of triplets)
  • Paediatric Charges if baby needs admission post Birth
  • PIGD – Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (for detecting defects).
  • Flights
  • Preventive Medication or Vaccination if any for the Intended Parents/ New-born.