Every man and woman desires to become a parent at some point of time in their life. However, for everyone, the circumstances do not always make this possible. Also, fertility related complexities are on the rise due to stress, anxiety, pollution, working couples, habits, apart from physiological reasons in both men and women. Hence, for those who are not fortunate enough to bear a child on their own due to medical reasons, in our partner facilities we offer an all-inclusive Surrogacy Treatment. Our Facilities have tie up’s with reputed ART Banks who provides Gestational Carriers. The scope of ART Banks include taking care of the needs of Gestational Carriers also called Surrogate Mothers also including their accommodation, food & beverage and all other such services necessary for better care of such noble women.

What is Surrogacy & Why Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is the process in which a woman for certain medical reasons is not able to carry the baby or to bring pregnancy to its full term. For such couples, byusing the egg of the mother and sperm of the father Fertilization is done andan Embryo is developed in an IVF Lab. This developed embryo is placed in the uterus of a gestational surrogate. The surrogate carries the baby till the birth and is therefore, referred to as the gestational mother or birth mother. The embryo is created by means of the In Vitro Fertilization Process (IVF). The purpose of the process and also of Surrogacy is to allow couples to have babies genetically linked to them.

Advantages of Surrogacy with KFS- DMCC

We have developed a Surrogacy Protocol that includes best practices evolved in the process through continuous and cyclic consultation with different stake holders like the Intended Parents, ART Banks, Government, Surrogate Mothers, Medical Fraternity and Regulatory Authorities. In doing so we have developed a protocol that takes care of full medical needs, advices, prescriptions, consumptions of patients which include the Intended Parents and the Surrogate Mothers (Gestational Carriers) throughout the entire process of surrogacy to ensure that there are no future complications legal, medical, ethical or otherwise. The clinic understands the problems of each couple and carries out thorough diagnosis to check their biological conditions. Our facilities have tied up with ART banks that have an experience of over 5 years in procurement and maintenance of Gestational Carriers. The surrogate mother from them is chosen based on certain parameters and confidentiality of the cases is given maximum importance at the same time. Further with mutual consultations and regular follow-ups with them it is ensured that the Medical and Nutritional Protocol provided to each Surrogate Mother is followed diligently without not even 1% of deviation to ensure good health of Child and Surrogate Mother. Further, the most advanced techniques are used by some of the best experts from the industry to make sure that the Surrogacy program-being offered paves the way for 100% satisfactory end results.