A family starts with a baby. It’s everyone’s dream to have a baby of their own genetic relationship. Surrogacy Kenya is committed to making dreams come true.

Surrogacy for couples living together

SK (Surrogacy Kenya) will treat the couples who are living together and waiting to fulfill their dream of having babies of their own. SK (Surrogacy Kenya) is a program specifically designed for Couples in live in Relationships and de facto relationships to have a baby.

LGBT Surrogacy (Gay Surrogacy)

In the past few years it is difficult to have children for LGBT Couples to have a child through surrogacy.

But same-sex marriages are very common in most countries. In the same manner, the countries need to allow parenting for these couples. So Surrogacy is the option for the couples.

In our Clinic, we have a bank of Egg Donors and Sperm Donors from which the couple can opt for the best suitable biological donor for their child.

As we are updated on the rules and regulations happening around the world, we can assist the couple in a better way for the legal formalities

Surrogacy for Single Parent

In most cases of single parent surrogacy only men were interested to fulfill their dream of becoming a dad. We have also helped several Single Women complete their families through Surrogacy.

In our clinic we arrange the egg donor from our bank for such cases and a surrogate mother with all the legal formalities needed for you to start and benefit from our guaranteed surrogacy package using egg donor.

We will also make sure that you are able to get a travel documents and exit for your baby in a hassle free manner.