Surrogacy Program with Frozen Embryos in Kenya

Services Offered:

  • Multiple Frozen/Thawed Embryo Transfer Procedures (included in the advance of US$12,000). Second Installment payable only post 12 weeks confirmed pregnancy.
  • In case of Frozen Embryos remaining, Freezing Cost for a period of Two years from date of Pregnancy.
  • Psychological, Social, Physical Screening, Travel, Stay, Food, all Medications, Other Expenses & Compensation for the Surrogate.
  • Assisted Hatching- if required.
  • Delivery/Caesarian Section for the Surrogate.
  • Doctor's Fees for 9 Months till Delivery.
  • Foreign Exchange & Concierge to take care of local needs and sight-seeing
  • Double and Triple Testing to rule out Chromosomal Disorders and Neural Tube Defects.
  • Arranging the Surrogacy Agreement between all Parties concerned. Guidance and Legal help with obtaining of Passport and Exit-Visa for the newborn.
  • Assistance with Travel, Passport and Visa Services for Intended Parent and New Born.

Total Package Cost with Frozen Embryo Transfer: US $37,000:

(Inclusive of US$ 1000 paid to KFS India for consultation & communication with specialist physicians and experts)

Advance US$12,000
Week 12 of Pregnancy US$5,000
Week 18 of Pregnancy US$5,000
Week 24 of Pregnancy US$5,000
Week 30 of Pregnancy US$10,000

Package includes everything from A to Z with regards to the Surrogate Mother, but does not cover:

Multiple Pregnancies (twins): US$8,000
PIGD – Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: US$10,000
Pediatric Charges if baby needs admission post birth: As per Actuals
Embryo Shipping (depending on your location): US$8,000 to US$12,000
Selective Fetal Reduction (In case of triplets): US$2,000