Surrogacy Program with Egg Donor in Georgia

Services Offered:

  • I fresh IVF cycle (one egg retrieval process for Oocyte Donor) including embryo freezing for the donor
  • 1 embryo transfer
  • Essential blood test and semen analysis for Intended Father
  • ICSI, Blastocyst transfer and Assisted hatching - if required
  • Storage cost of frozen sperm and any remaining frozen embryos for 1 year
  • Psychological, social, physical screening, travel, food, all medications, other expenses & compensation for the Surrogate and the Donor.
  • Testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and neural tube defects
  • All Doctor’s fees till delivery
  • Natural/vaginal delivery
  • Post-birth stay for baby in maternity hospital 3-5 days
  • 4 airport transfers – 2 during first visit and 2 during second stay in Georgia
  • 2 nights stay at apart-hotel including breakfast for 2 people
  • First transfer from accommodation to clinic
  • Arranging the surrogacy agreement between all parties
  • Birth registration and obtaining birth certificate for the baby

Total package cost–USD $55,000

Advance: $29,000
Week 06 of Pregnancy: $6,500
Week 12 of Pregnancy $6,500
Week 18 of Pregnancy: $6,500
Week 24 of Pregnancy $6,500

Package includes everything from A to Z with regards to the Surrogate Mother & Donor, but does not cover:

Sperm shipping: Depending on location
PGS – Preimplantation Genetic Screening: $700 for each embryo PLUS $800 biopsy & transportation
Additional frozen embryo transfer: $3,500
Additional IVF cycle for donor including 1 transfer $16,000
Multiple pregnancies (twins): $6,000
Caesarian section: $1,200
NICU if baby needs admission post birth: $250 to $300 per day – payable directly to hospital
NICU insurance including medication for baby for 2 months: $6,500
Surrogate insurance in case of complications for 2 months: $4,000
Guidance and legal assistance post birth – “Go Home Package”: $2,000
Post-birth stay at “Maluna” for parents for 1 month: From $1,500 - payable directly at booking time
1 night stay at apart-hotel with breakfast for 2 people: $80 – payable directly