Surrogacy Program with Frozen Embryos in Georgia

Services Offered:

  • One frozen/thawed embryo transfer procedure (included in the advance payment of $16,000 USD). Second installment payable at 12 weeks of confirmed pregnancy.
  • Storage cost of any frozen embryos remaining till delivery of the baby.
  • Psychological, social, physical screening, travel, stay, food, all medications, other expenses & compensation for the surrogate.
  • Blastocyst transfer with assisted hatching - if required.
  • Testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and neural tube defects.
  • All doctor's fees till delivery.
  • Arranging the surrogacy agreement between all parties.
  • Assistance with travel (hotel, airport pick up, concierge services).

Surrogacy Package with Frozen Embryos Transfer – US $40,000

Advance $16,000 US
Week 12 of Pregnancy $5,000 US
Week 18 of Pregnancy $5,000 US
Week 24 of Pregnancy $5,000 US
Week 30 of Pregnancy $9,000 US

Package includes everything from A to Z with regards to the Surrogate Mother, but does not cover:

Multiple Pregnancies (twins): $6,000 US
PIGD – Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: $10,000 US
Additional frozen embryo transfer: $2,200 US
Request of a new surrogate mother by intended parents: $3,000 US per transfer
Pediatric Charges if baby needs admission post birth: As per Actuals
Shipping of frozen embryos (depending on your location): $8,000 to $12,000 US
Selective Fetal Reduction (In case of triplets): $2,000 US
Guidance and legal post birth assistance – “Go Home Package”: $2,000 US single baby/$3,000 US twins

*Prices subject to change based on local conditions.