Secure/Assured Surrogacy Program with Egg Donor in Colombia with 2 Surrogate Mothers

Services offered:

• Multiple IVF cycles and multiple transfers to two Surrogate Mothers of 1 Blastocyst embryo per transfer
with Oocyte Donor including embryo freezing
• Psychological evaluation of Intended Parents
• Essential blood tests and semen analysis for Intended Father
• ICSI, Blastocyst transfers and Assisted hatching – if required
• Storage cost of frozen embryos for 6 months
• Full screening (psychological, physical, medical, social, legal), travel, food, all medications, other expenses &
compensation for the Surrogate Mothers and the Donor
• Non-invasive Preimplantation Genetic Testing – niPGT
• Social health care insurance & life insurance for the Surrogate Mothers
• Testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and neural tube defects
• All doctor’s fee till delivery
• Delivery and post birth hospital stay for the babies
• Arranging the Surrogacy Agreement between all parties
• Legal assistance with obtaining of birth certificate and documents for embassy (passport, citizenship)

Total package cost – US $105,000

Advance: US $60,000
Week 06 of Pregnancy: US $11,000 (US $5,500 for each Surrogate Mother at week 6 of pregnancy)
Week 12 of Pregnancy US $11,000 (US $5,500 for each Surrogate Mother at week 12 of pregnancy)
Week 18 of Pregnancy: US $11,000 (US $5,500 for each Surrogate Mother at week 18 of pregnancy)
Week 24 of Pregnancy: US $12,000 (US $6,000 for each Surrogate Mother at week 24 of pregnancy)

Package includes everything from A to Z with regards to the Surrogate Mothers & Donor, but does not cover:

• Sperm shipping: Depending on location
• Embryo storage: US $500 per year per embryo
• Change of Surrogate Mother as per Intended Parent request: US $1,000
• Multiple pregnancies (twins): US $8,000
• Private health insurance for Surrogate Mother: US $4,700
• Any additional cost not covered by the social health care
insurance for Surrogate Mothers & Babies: As per actuals
• NICU if baby needs admission post birth: US $1,000 to US $4,000 per day – payable to hospital
• DNA test: Upon receipt, paid directly to the lab
• Visa for baby in Colombian passport, if required: As per actual
• Home passport, citizenship & DNA test fees: As per actual paid directly to your embassy
• Documents translation, legalization & apostille: As per actual
• Airport pick up, drop off and local transfers, accommodations: As per actual

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