Information About Surrogate Mother

The surrogate mothers’ candidates have various reasons for choosing to become a surrogate mother. It may be a wish to help others to fulfill their dream of having a baby or sometimes a hope of improving the economic situation and secure a future for their children and their families.

All Surrogate Mothers undergo an extensive screening process before being accepted into the surrogacy program and all of them must have at least one healthy child delivered from a successful pregnancy.

We take care of the Surrogate Mothers throughout the whole process. During the pregnancy, Surrogate Mother undergoes monthly ultrasounds, all the customary pregnancy tests including testing to rule out chromosomal disorders and abnormality testing for trisomy 13/18 and 21 and neural tube defects and also periodic blood tests, to ensure that her overall health is satisfactory and on track for a successful birth. Our Intended Parents are provided with regular updates with ultrasound images and medical reports throughout the whole process.

In India, all our surrogate mothers are housed at our facility to ensure that they always get top-quality care and to ensure a healthy pregnancy birth for both mother and baby

In Ukraine, Georgia, and Colombia, our Surrogate Mothers stay with their families during the pregnancy and maintain their lifestyle as usual. They have regular visits with the clinic. In Ukraine and Georgia, around week 20 to 24 they are moved to an apartment close to the clinic.

Intended Parents undergoing the Surrogacy Program in Colombia, can be in contact (with our help) with the Surrogate Mother throughout the pregnancy if they wish for the same.