All Comprehensive Fertility And Surrogacy Services Under One Roof

Once you enroll with us you are in expert hands with a combined work experience of more than 120 years in the field of assisted reproduction.
We offer a Secure/Guaranteed Surrogacy package with self gametes as well as Egg donation and Surrogacy.
Since the Inception of our Surrogacy program in 2006, KFS offers an all inclusive ivf and Surrogacy package with no Hidden costs.

Costs For Surrogacy

Costs for surrogacy vary based on whether you are self cycling or using an egg donor. Please write to us to know exact costs.

Our package SERVICES and COSTS Include:

In collaboration with  ART (Assisted Reproductive technology  Bank ) KFS offers the following services for egg donation and surrogacy.

  • Psychological screening for Surrogate
  • Surrogate(s) mother medications and all necessary tests prior to Embryo transfer
  • All necessary medications for Surrogate(s) mother after Embryo transfer
  • Surrogate compensation Through ART Bank
  • Surrogate food and boarding Through ART Bank
  • Monthly expense allowance for Surrogate’s family
  • Surrogate Mother’s counseling and special care and diet for 9 months arranged by ART
  • Maternity clothing allowance by ART Bank
  • Egg donor medical consultations, shots, scans, and all necessary medicalbprocedures
  • Egg donor (s) post operative care
  • Sperm donor medical consultations, tests, medications
  • Sperm washing and analysis for IVF
  • ICSI (intra cytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Embryo tests and embryo processing
  • Embryo freezing & storage
  • IVF procedure (clinic, doctors, specialist, products and meds)
  • Multiple Embryo transfers
  • Surrogate post ET care
  • Surrogate emergency medical, doctors, surgeons, and specialist
  • Child delivery charges (doctors, surgeons, nurses, products and medications)
  • Caesarean section
  • Administration and Surrogate Mother’s monthly scans and reports
  • Legal Contracts
  • Birth certificate(s) and all birth related documents
  • Surrogate 24/7 access to Doctors
  • All hospital charges for services and procedures till child birth.
  • Egg Retrieval (medical clinic, doctors, surgeons, specialist,products, etc.)

We offer a Guaranteed Surrogacy package with Egg donation and Surrogacy.